Driving Excellence Across Manufacturing Sectors

CeTaQ Americas’ expertise in precision inspection, measurement, and validation services spans a wide array of industries. Our products and services play a crucial role in enhancing the quality and efficiency of PCB manufacturing and component assembly, catering to the unique requirements of each sector.

Aerospace & Defense

Precision Critical: In an industry where reliability is paramount, CeTaQ’s services ensure the utmost precision in PCB manufacturing, vital for the safety and functionality of aerospace and defense equipment.


Quality and Durability: Our solutions aid in producing robust electronics essential for automotive applications, where durability and consistent performance are non-negotiable.

Computer & Networking

High-Speed Efficiency: For computer and networking products, CeTaQ ensures that PCBs meet the high-speed and efficiency standards essential for advanced computing technologies.

Consumer Electronics

Mass Production with Quality: In the fast-paced consumer electronics market, our services optimize manufacturing processes for high-volume production without compromising on quality.

Energy & Power

Reliability in Harsh Environments: CeTaQ’s services enhance the durability and reliability of electronics used in the energy sector, ensuring they withstand challenging environments.

Healthcare & Medical Devices

Precision for Patient Safety: The precision and reliability provided by our solutions are crucial in medical device manufacturing, directly impacting patient safety and care.

Home Appliances
Innovation and Functionality: We assist in enhancing the functionality and innovation in home appliances through high-quality electronics, helping to ensure user safety and product longevity.

Industrial Automation & Equipment

Robustness and Efficiency: In industrial automation, our services ensure the production of consistently robust and reliable electronics, vital for maintaining productivity and operational continuity.

Networking & Communications

High-Speed Communication: Our expertise supports the manufacturing of high-performance electronics for networking and communication, critical for seamless data transmission.


Innovative and Reliable Electronics: In robotics, where innovation and reliability are key, CeTaQ’s services support the production of advanced and dependable electronic components.

Semiconductor Supply & Manufacturing

Cutting-Edge Technology Support: We aid semiconductor manufacturers in producing high-quality components with precision, supporting the backbone of modern electronics.


High-Quality Connectivity: Our services are essential in manufacturing electronics that meet the high reliability and quality standards of the telecommunications industry.

At CeTaQ Americas, we enjoy working to enhance manufacturing efficiency and product quality across diverse industries.

Our precise inspection and validation services ensure that each sector benefits from high-quality PCB and component manufacturing, tailored to meet its unique challenges and requirements. Trust CeTaQ Americas to be your partner in driving excellence in your industry.