CeTaQ Americas Consulting & Training Services

Empowering Advanced Manufacturing Teams

At CeTaQ Americas, we bring a scientific approach to your manufacturing processes, focusing on optimizing equipment, refining methods, and empowering people. Our services extend beyond mere analysis; we dive deep into your processes to pinpoint areas for improvement, utilizing our expertise in data-driven decisions and quality-focused optimizations.

Our holistic manufacturing quality approach ensures enhanced efficiency, productivity, and reinforced profitability by applying our unmatched machine validation products, services and consulting in the following areas:

Equipment: 3rd Party Specification Validation

  • World-Class Testing: As leaders in 3rd party machine capability testing, CeTaQ validates Critical To Quality machine capabilities, including accuracy and force, across a spectrum of SMT process equipment.
  • Minimizing Variation for Optimal Performance: Our independent analysis helps your company achieve peak SMT performance, ensuring equipment meets stringent accuracy and force specifications.

Process: Materials & Methods Optimization

  • Navigating Technological Advancement: We apply over 25 years of process engineering experience to peel back layers of production variation, exposing root causes and optimizing processes.
  • Comprehensive Audits for Continuous Improvement: Our independent audits identify often-overlooked opportunities and issues, providing actionable insights for production enhancement.

Decision Making Support

Data-Backed Change Implementation: CeTaQ assists in making informed decisions, from evaluating new equipment to changing processes, ensuring every decision is supported by objective evidence.

IPC Training

  • Certified Expertise: Our IPC Training is centered around providing thorough understanding and expertise in IPC standards, crucial for quality assurance in electronics manufacturing.
  • Application-Focused Learning: We emphasize practical applications of IPC standards, ensuring participants can directly apply their learning to improve manufacturing quality and efficiency.

Process Consulting

  • Equipment Condition and Maintenance: Our consulting services offer in-depth insights into equipment condition, essential for prolonging equipment lifespan and optimizing performance.
  • Customized Solutions: We tailor our consulting to address specific challenges and opportunities within your manufacturing process, ensuring tangible improvements in performance.

Process Training

  • Skill Development: Our training sessions focus on enhancing the skills of your personnel, empowering them to effectively use advanced measurement tools and methodologies.
  • Best Practices Implementation: Participants learn industry best practices, enabling them to implement strategies that optimize manufacturing processes and outcomes.

Adding Value to Your Company

  • Educating for Excellence: Our consulting & training services are designed not just to instruct, but to transform the way your team approaches measurement and validation, instilling a culture of continuous improvement and excellence.
  • Optimizing Every Aspect: By focusing on equipment, processes, and people, our services holistically enhance performance, leading to better efficiency, quality, and output in your manufacturing operations.

CeTaQ Americas is dedicated to empowering your manufacturing team with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to excel. Our Consulting & Training services are your gateway to mastering advanced manufacturing techniques, ensuring your company stays at the forefront of industry innovation and quality.